Sunday, 31 January 2016

Too Soon

The cherry blossom has bloomed.
Too soon, too soon. 
The decay and black hand of winter has barely touched us and here is the new growth. 
The new life and beginning of another year. With little time to draw breathe and start to form the new intentions that another year and another Spring bring to us all. 

The wandering daffodils are spilling across the urban parklands and hinting at what awaits us amidst the icy tendrils of another stormy day. 
But not yet, wait with your sunny faced intentions. 
Take time to push your way into our consciousness. Because we are 
Not yet ready. 
Not ready to embrace the beauty of Spring. 
We are still sleeping. 
Resting and building our strength to welcome you with open arms and drink in your glory.  

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