Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Five Years On

Five years on and the memories are still vivid
Of a tiny baby being wheeled away, off into the twilight of life versus death
Five years since the longest wait to see you again
Covered with wires, the bright intensity and babble of foreign medical languages which we had yet to learn.
Five years since the sleepless 3am visits and somehow existing
With the unexpected kindness of staff, family and precious friendships
Five years since we took you home for a while, heart working well
And yet you were not well, the sleepless nights, the return to monitors, oxygen, constant alarms
The delayed return to work, the fear that we didn’t know what was wrong, of holding our breath and living on pins
Would you make it? 
Sitting on the campbed in new makeshift residence and living out of bags
The sun trying to force its way through the blinds and tell us it was going to be ok in the end
Five years on, you are a picture of strength, happiness and cheekiness
Five years on we are stronger and almost healed…

Today marks the five year anniversary of my son Jake’s open heart surgery. To say it was a tough time is really quite an understatement. With thanks to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House for all their fantastic work and to family and friends for their love and care.

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