Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Separated At Birth

Last night my youngest son, Joe, was busy playing after his dinner. His big brother was practising writing his letters on one of those magnetic boards which wipes clean again (fabulous invention and no mess either!). So in looking up to him, as all three year olds tend to do, he decided he wanted to draw on his board too. 

He seems to have a creative streak and enjoy drawing, painting and colouring in. It has been largely scribble and the odd shape to date so my expectations were low as to what I was likely to see…

“Mummy, this is a picture of you! Wait, I’m just finishing the hair…”


I am pleased to say that it is indeed a fabulous picture, I am delighted that he seems to have inherited some artistic ability. Just a shame I look like Herman Munster…


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